Zini Janus Lamp Iron
Zini Janus Lamp Iron
Zini Janus Lamp Iron
Zini Janus Lamp Iron
Zini Janus Lamp Iron
Zini Janus Lamp Iron

Zini Janus Lamp Iron


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Zini Janus Lamp Iron

Hey, pleasure enthusiasts! Meet the Zini Janus Lamp Iron – the Picasso of prostate pleasure. This ain't your grandpa's massager; it's a work of art designed to elevate your satisfaction game.

Let's talk business – Janus Lamp Iron is not your average Joe. It's a precision prostate massager that knows how to hit all the right spots with a velvety-smooth touch. The weighted sensation on your P-spot is like a symphony for your senses, delivering intense and unforgettable orgasms that will make your neighbors jealous.

Crafted from the softest silicone and zinc alloy, Janus Lamp Iron ensures a secure and comfortable fit for hands-free prostate stimulation. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned pro, this bad boy is ready to take you on a pleasure ride you won't forget.

Water-resistant, body-safe, and contoured for maximum comfort – Janus Lamp Iron is not just a massager; it's a lifestyle upgrade. And we've got options – small, medium, or large, because one size does not fit all when it comes to pleasure.

Experience three-way precision for stabilized stimulation that'll leave you wondering how you ever lived without it. Plus, the cleanup is a breeze – just a quick wash with mild soap and water, and you're ready for round two.

Get ready to unleash the vigor of Janus Lamp Iron and take your pleasure to new heights. Satisfaction guaranteed – because your P-spot deserves nothing but the best!

- Three-Way Precision Prostate Massager
- 3x Stabilised Stimulation
- Body Fit Design
- Contoured Comfort
- All Experience Levels (S) | Intermediate Levels (M) | Advanced Levels (L)
- Water Resistant
- 100% Body-safe Silicone + Zinc Alloy
- 1 Year Warranty



Size: 10.4 cm L x 10.5 cm W x 2.2 cm D
Insertable length: 8.0 cm
Weight: 95 grams


Size: 10.4 cm L x 10.5 cm W x 2.3 cm D
Insertable length: 8.2 cm
Weight: 97 grams


Size: 11.9 cm L x 10.5 cm W x 3.3 cm D
Insertable length: 8.9 cm
Weight: 116 grams
Care: After/Before Clean using mild soap and water and/or Toy Safe Cleaner
Lube Paring: Water Based
Box Contents: 1X Massager