International Orders

International Orders

Ordering from Abroad? Worldwide Shipping at sex-toy.com.au

Interested in shipping our pleasure products worldwide? Learn about international shipping policies and how to enjoy our products no matter where you are.

Information about International Orders - It's not always easy to find good shipping when buying CBT sex toys online. But when you shop at SEX TOYS you can take advantage of the large range of sex toys no matter where you are in the world. Read on to find out more about our international shipping and have your products delivered to the destination of your choice.

When we ship products internationally they are always shipped discreetly, either with DHL Global or Australia Post International Parcel Pack. A tracking number will be sent to your email address once your package has been dispatched. With this tracking number you can see the status at the DHL Global Mailing Hub. The next update you'll get will be from the Country of destination Mailing Hub, when package reaches your country. After that it will, most likely, get scanned into you local mail delivery service with a delivery notice and then be delivered to your door.

The delivery times vary upon season, however you can expect your item delivered to USA or Canada within 5 to 10 business days, 7 to 15 days delivery to Europe and when it comes to Middle East countries the delivery time varies a lot. For instance it can take up to 30 days for a delivery to reach Israel.

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The buyer is responsible for any taxes and/or duties that may occur by the destination country. The payment to sex-toy.com.au only includes the product you bought and the charges for shipping. All other charges will be at the buyer's expense. The laws and guidelines for customs varies between countries. It's the buyers responsibility to check the legality of the purchased items in their country. sex-toy.com.au takes no responsibility or liabiity for occuring legal actions, product confiscations or modifications.

For every battery or powered device we give a Quality Assurance Guarantee, and before they're dispatched from our warehouse they're checked by us. This check-up takes place in a hygienic environment and if the battery is pre-charged we charge it for an additional 3-5 minutes, and if they are not charged we charge it for 2 to 3 hours for it to be ready to use once it reaches you. We test each function of the item to make sure it works correctly. We open the box in order to do that, and when we finished we reseal it with our 'Quality Assurance Guarantee' sticker. In that way you can be reassured that your item will not arrive DOA or faulty.

At sex-toy.com.au we ship to most countries, however if we are aware that it's illegal to import sex toys in a country we don't ship items there. We don't ship to countries with a high fraud rate either.

Our aim is to make the return process simple and fair to our customers. We advice you to read this before placing an order or instigating a return. Please check the item well before returning it as faulty. If it was received in good order you will not be compensated for postal fees and the product will be shipped back to you.