Wildfire Wax Play Candles

Wildfire Wax Play Candles

Wildfire International

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Wildfire Wax Play Candles

Wildfire Wax Play Candles

With our all-natural BDSM candles, savour the exhilarating sensation of wax play. These candles, which are made of low-temperature melted wax, are ideal for producing a sensual and unique experience. Two candles are included in the pack: an unscented two-color candle and a black candle scented with an aphrodisiac essential oil combination based on our best-selling Wildfire Black Essential oil.

You may effortlessly make your own sensuous masterpiece with its double-wick design. With pride, these candles are manufactured in Australia, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety. Enjoy the craft of wax sculpting with our fine selection.

Designed to Provide Memorable Experiences
Experience the exhilarating sensation of the low-temperature melted wax cascading across your skin, arousing your senses and creating a connection that you have never had before. These candles' alluring touch offers an unforgettable journey of discovery and enjoyment that will leave a lasting impression on your personal repertory.

Made from Natural Low-Temperture Soy Wax
Our natural soy wax play candles are precisely handcrafted by us and are carefully engineered to melt at a low temperature. A smooth and safe encounter that combines sensuality is guaranteed by its design. The use of soy wax creates an alluring wax flow that tantalises your senses and promotes wellbeing, enhancing your sensory experience. Experts have identified soy candles as a dependable option for a fun and safe wax play experience because of its quick cooling down time upon contact and little risk of skin irritation. Your trust in experiencing the delights of wax play is strengthened by our dedication to putting your safety and satisfaction first.