Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit
Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit

Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit


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Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit

Icon Brands Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit - Where Pleasure Meets Playfulness!

Attention, pleasure seekers! If you're ready to inject a dose of humor and a whole lot of pleasure into your backdoor escapades, the Icon Brands Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit is your backstage pass to a comedy show like no other. With six fabulous anal play toys crafted from body-safe TPR, this kit is designed to tickle your funny bone and, of course, other strategic places.

Let's break down the hilariously satisfying lineup:

1. Flirty Finger Fun: Your entry ticket to a world of cheeky pleasure, this finger-like plug knows just how to get your laughter and pleasure in sync.

2. The Cone: Advanced: Ready for an advanced class in backdoor hilarity? The Cone takes your play to a whole new level, making you the star of your own anal comedy.

3. Curvalicious: Because who said backdoor adventures can't be curvy and fun? Curvalicious adds a touch of glamour and laughter to your playtime.

4. Classic Medium: Some things are classic for a reason! The medium-sized plug is the reliable sidekick you can count on for a timeless and enjoyable experience.

5. Can't Bead It!: Brace yourself for a plot twist! Can't Bead It! introduces a level of playfulness that ensures your backdoor experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

6. Tapered “Thin Man”: Meet Thin Man, your friendly guide for a smooth and slender entry into the world of backdoor bliss. Perfect for beginners, this one ensures a laughter-filled initiation.

But it's not just about the laughs; it's about safety and satisfaction too! Crafted from body-safe TPR, these toys prioritize your well-being, making each moment a joyous and secure exploration.

Are you ready to make your backdoor play a comedy hit? The Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit is waiting for you, ready to turn your intimate moments into a stand-up routine of pleasure. Grab your kit now and let the laughter (and pleasure) begin!