Royals - Duchess
Royals - Duchess

Royals - Duchess


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Royals - Duchess

Dive into the world of opulence and indulgence with NS Novelties' Royals - Duchess Rabbit Vibrator. This isn't just a sex toy; it's a celebration of pleasure, sophistication, and unbridled satisfaction.

Immerse yourself in the silky embrace of the shimmery plush silicone coating that adorns the Duchess. As you navigate through the multiple speeds and thrilling functions, you'll discover a newfound appreciation for self-love and exploration.

Measuring at 21.2 cm x 3.6 cm x 6.1 cm, the Royals - Duchess is designed to be the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. The insertable dimensions of 13.4 cm x 3.5 cm ensure that your deepest desires are met with precision and intensity.

Crafted from high-quality silicone and ABS, this vibrator is not only a treat for your senses but also a promise of safety and durability. The rechargeable battery eliminates the need for constant replacements, allowing you to focus solely on the pleasure at hand.

In the realm of Royals, boundaries are meant to be pushed, and desires are meant to be explored. The Duchess is not just a vibrator; it's an invitation to a world where pleasure knows no limits. Experiment with your favorite lubricants and discover new sensations, all while basking in the regal aura of this enchanting pleasure device.

Don't miss your chance to own the key to a world of ecstasy. Purchase the Royals - Duchess Rabbit Vibrator now and let the coronation of your pleasure begin!

- Product Dimensions: 21.2 cm x 3.6 cm x 6.1 cm
- Insertable Dimensions: 13.4 cm x 3.5 cm
- Product Material: Silicone/ABS
- Battery Type: Rechargeable