Massive Man Inflatable Doll - Benton G

Massive Man Inflatable Doll - Benton G

NANMA Corporation

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Massive Man Inflatable Doll - Benton G

Introducing Benton G, the Massive Man Inflatable Doll by Nanma Corporation—your passport to a world of premium pleasure. Unveil the magic as you bring Benton G to life, creating moments of intimacy that go beyond the ordinary.

With a cheeky grin and an all-time erect penis measuring around 7" (19cm), Benton G is not just a doll; he's a symbol of excellent power and unapologetic fun. Crafted from body-safe materials, this lifelike companion ensures your experiences are not only thrilling but also safe and satisfying.

Standing proudly at a height of 154 cm, Benton G is your go-to solo play companion. Whether you're seeking a realistic male inflatable doll or an excellent power gay masturbator, Benton G is designed to exceed your expectations.


  • Life-Size Inflatable Male Doll: Benton G stands tall, offering a life-size experience that turns your fantasies into reality.
  • Energetic Looking: Infused with boundless energy, Benton G brings a vibrant and dynamic presence to your intimate moments.
  • All-Time Erected Penis (7"/19cm): Enjoy endless pleasure with Benton G's impressive erection, always ready for your solo adventures.
  • Body Safe Material: Crafted from premium body-safe materials, Benton G ensures a worry-free and pleasurable experience with every use.
  • Height: 154 cm: Benton G commands attention with his stature, becoming the perfect companion for your solo play escapades.
  • Embrace the extraordinary with Benton G—a high-quality inflatable male toy that delivers on its promise of intimate pleasure. Upgrade your solo play experiences, explore new heights, and make Benton G a permanent feature in your adult playtime adventures.