Maia Zoe Dual Vibrating Wand
Maia Zoe Dual Vibrating Wand
Maia Zoe Dual Vibrating Wand

Maia Zoe Dual Vibrating Wand

Maia Toys

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Maia Zoe Dual Vibrating Wand

Embark on a journey of pleasure with Zoe, the USB Rechargeable Dual Vibrating Wand from Maia Toys – your ticket to a symphony of sensations that will have you whispering sweet nothings to your new favorite toy.

Zoe isn't your ordinary wand; it's a dual-action masterpiece crafted to bring you pleasure both inside and out. The Twistty head, with its flexible design, conforms to your curves, ensuring a personalized experience that caters to your unique desires. The swirled pattern on Zoe adds a delightful texture, enhancing every touch with an extra layer of pleasure.

But Zoe doesn't stop there – it's a dual vibrating wonder. With 10 distinct functions, Zoe doesn't just vibrate on the wand itself; it vibrates on the handle too, making every inch of Zoe dedicated to your pleasure. It's like having two toys in one, ensuring a symphony of sensations that will leave you breathless.

Crafted from 100% top medical-grade silicone and ABS construction, Zoe is not just a wand; it's a commitment to quality and safety. The smooth, velvety texture against your skin is an invitation to indulge in the kind of pleasure that only premium materials can provide.

And for those who like to take their pleasure to the water, Zoe is fully waterproof, turning your bath or shower time into a private oasis of delight.

USB rechargeable with a user time of up to 3 hours, Zoe ensures that the symphony doesn't have to end abruptly. The eye-catching neon purple color adds a playful touch to your pleasure collection, making Zoe a delightful addition to your intimate moments.

Whether you're a solo adventurer or sharing the pleasure with a partner, Zoe is the wand that whispers sweet nothings, creating a symphony of pleasure that will linger in your memory long after the performance.

- USB Rechargeable
- Dual Vibrating Wand
- Swirled Pattern
- 10-Functions
- 100% Top Medical Grade Silicone
- User Time: Up to 3 Hours
- Waterproof
- Colour: Neon Purple
- Size 21.6 cm x 5 cm