Maia Abbie Xl Bullet
Maia Abbie Xl Bullet
Maia Abbie Xl Bullet
Maia Abbie Xl Bullet

Maia Abbie Xl Bullet

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Maia Abbie Xl Bullet

Maia Abbie XL Bullet - Redefining Pleasure, One Vibration at a Time!

Ever dreamt of a pleasure device so powerful it could rival the intensity of a thousand supernovas? Well, dream no more! Say hello to the Maia Novelties Abbie XL Bullet—a 10-Function Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator that's here to redefine pleasure as you know it. Prepare for an experience so electrifying, even your toaster will be jealous.

Dressed in a coat of silky soft silicone, the Maia Abbie not only looks fabulous but feels like a dream against your skin. The bold and bright design is not just for show—it conceals a motor so robust it could probably power a small village. With 10 speeds of pulsating vibrations, this bullet vibrator is like a symphony conductor for your pleasure orchestra, allowing you to create your own masterpiece of ecstasy.

Handle it like a pro! The long, slender shape of the Abbie isn't just for aesthetics—it's designed for easy handling and versatility. The end position control button is your magic wand for switching between speeds effortlessly. And here's the kicker—the fun isn't limited to the bedroom. Take your pleasure to new depths with the Abbie's 100% submersible design. Bath time will never be the same again.

But what about the practicalities, you ask? Fear not! The Maia Abbie comes with a USB Charging Cable, ensuring your pleasure journey is not interrupted by the quest for batteries. Plus, with our 1-Year Replacement Warranty, you can enjoy your pleasure without a worry in the world.

Main Features in a Nutshell:

  • Colour: Red
  • Functions: 10 speeds of pulsating vibrations
  • Strong motor
  • Silicone coating
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof and Submersible
  • Item Dimension: H = 2 cm, W = 2 cm, L = 16.25 cm
  • Bulk Weight: 45 grams

Don't settle for mediocre pleasure when you can have mind-blowing satisfaction with the Maia Abbie XL Bullet. It's not just a pleasure device; it's an investment in your happiness. Get yours now and let the pleasure revolution begin!