Lush Cora Mini Massager Wand
Lush Cora Mini Massager Wand
Lush Cora Mini Massager Wand
Lush Cora Mini Massager Wand
Lush Cora Mini Massager Wand

Lush Cora Mini Massager Wand


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Lush Cora Mini Massager Wand

Hold onto your hats, because Lush Cora is about to take you on a journey through pleasure paradise! This mini massager wand isn't just a device; it's a celebration of sensations, wrapped in a sleek rose gold package.

Luxurious Vibes – 10 Vibration Functions and a Flexible Neck!

Cora doesn't just vibrate; it orchestrates a masterpiece of pleasure with 10 rumbly functions and a flexible neck. Solo or with a partner, this mini massager is your ticket to a world where every desire is met with a delightful shiver. Elevate your intimate moments with the touch of luxury that Cora brings.

Waterproof Wonders – Underwater Adventures Await!

Cora understands that pleasure knows no bounds, and that includes underwater. With its IPX7 waterproof design, your cleaning routine just got a whole lot more exciting. Dive into the pleasure without a worry in the world – Cora has got you covered.

Battery-Powered Ecstasy – 2 AAA Batteries for Endless Joy!

Say hello to a battery-powered revolution! Cora runs on 2 AAA batteries, ensuring that your pleasure is never interrupted by charging breaks. Pop in some batteries, and let the good times roll. It's the kind of convenience your pleasure deserves.

Safety First, Pleasure Second – ABS Plastic and Silicone Sleeve!

Crafted from non-porous ABS plastic and a smooth silicone sleeve, Cora is a beacon of body-safe satisfaction. Free of phthalates, paraffins, and latex, it ensures that your pleasure is not just intense but also worry-free. Your body deserves nothing but the best.

Your Pleasure, Your Way – Compact and Commanding!

At 12.7 cm in length and 4.4 cm in width, Cora is your compact powerhouse for pleasure on the go. Slip it into your bag, and you're ready for spontaneous delight anytime, anywhere. It's not just a massager; it's your passport to pleasure, beautifully designed and ready to shine!