Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker
Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker
Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker

Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker


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Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker

Unleash the Rhythm of Pleasure with Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker

Get ready for a sensational experience like never before with Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker, the ultimate pleasure companion designed to elevate your intimate moments. This pocket stroker is not just a toy; it's a symphony of pleasure waiting to be conducted by your desires.

The DJ boasts a self-lubricating feature that takes the hassle out of prep. Just add a splash of water or a hint of saliva, and let the pleasure flow. The temporary self-lubricating properties ensure that each encounter is as smooth and enjoyable as a well-mixed beat. Control the intensity with the Squeezable Canister and PerfectFlo™ Air Valve – your tools for a customized experience.

What sets The Dj apart is its soft, flexible design and sensational textures. This pocket stroker isn't just realistic; it's super squishy, enhancing every touch and tease. The snug textured orifice heightens the pleasure, making each use a journey into ecstasy.

Safety is a priority, and The Dj exceeds expectations. Free from Phthalates, Paraffins, and Latex, it's a worry-free pleasure companion. With an insertable length of 17.1 cm and a total length of 18.4 cm, it's perfectly sized to accommodate your desires.

Cleaning up is a breeze – wash with soap and water, pat dry, and let it air dry before storing. For optimal performance, use water-based lubricants, especially as the self-lubricating properties gradually diminish.

Are you ready to unleash the rhythm of pleasure in your bedroom? Loverboy The Dj - Brown Stroker is your ticket to a symphony of ecstasy. Get ready to conduct your desires and immerse yourself in unparalleled pleasure!