Loveline Dona
Loveline Dona
Loveline Dona
Loveline Dona

Loveline Dona

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Loveline Dona

Loveline Dona Rechargeable Mini Vibrator – a pocket-sized marvel designed to redefine your moments of intimacy. In a world where subtlety is often overlooked, the Loveline Dona steps in as your guide to silent ecstasy.

What makes the Loveline Dona the epitome of discreet delight is its noise level – less than 60dB, ensuring that your intimate moments remain just that – intimate. This isn't just a vibrator; it's a silent companion, ensuring that every whisper of pleasure is yours and yours alone.

The star of the show is the new-generation F1 Motor, a technological marvel that takes vibrations to new heights. With 10 different modes, the Loveline Dona is not just a toy; it's a customizable experience. The tip, revving up to 10,000 RPM, becomes a focal point of pleasure, delivering a powerful punch precisely where you desire it most.

Crafted from premium silicone and ABS, the Loveline Dona isn't just about function; it's about form. The dimensions are meticulously designed for precision, ensuring that every touch is a caress of pleasure. Endurance is its forte – boasting an impressive 45+ minutes of unstoppable pleasure on a single charge.

Recharging the Loveline Dona is as convenient as slipping it into your pocket. In just 90 minutes, it's ready to accompany you on another journey of pleasure. Worried about a little splash? The Loveline Dona is not just waterproof; it's splash-proof, making it your ideal aquatic companion for steamy adventures.

But the Loveline Dona isn't just a toy; it's a commitment to satisfaction that extends beyond the bedroom. With a 1-year warranty, it's a promise that your pleasure journey is safeguarded. Embrace the discreet revolution with the Loveline Dona – where every touch is a secret shared only with yourself.

- Product dimensions: 11 cm x 2.6 cm x 2.5 cm
- Quantity motors: 1
- Rotations per minute: 10000 RPM
- Speed modes: 10
- Multi speed: Yes
- Noise level: 60 dB
- Rechargeable: Yes
- Rechargeable time: 90 min
- Recharged battery lifetime: 45 min
- Waterproof: Yes
- Splashproof: Yes
- Phthalate free: Yes
- Materials: Silicone, ABS