Jet The Plug - Carbon Metallic Black

Jet The Plug - Carbon Metallic Black

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Jet The Plug - Carbon Metallic Black

The Booty's Best Buddy - Jet The Plug - Carbon Metallic Black

Meet the Booty's Best Buddy, Jet The Plug in Carbon Metallic Black! This 5-inch wonder is the kind of friend your backdoor has been longing for – reliable, discreet, and always up for a good time.

Designed with the intermediate user in mind, this plug is like the Goldilocks of anal play – not too big, not too small, but just right. The classic taper ensures easy insertion, like slipping into your favorite pair of cozy slippers, only way more adventurous.

Crafted from non-porous, body-safe PVC, it's a pleasure device that says, "I care about your well-being." No phthalates, latex, paraffins, or chemical fragrances – just the good stuff for your bad decisions.

Attach it to any flat surface, and you've got yourself a one-way ticket to Pleasureville. Apply some lube, and you're ready for a ride that even the toughest amusement park can't match. Easy to clean with soap and water or a toy cleaner – maintenance is a breeze.

Size matters, and so does comfort and peace of mind. With Jet The Plug, you're not just plugging a hole; you're plugging into a lifestyle.

- SIZE - for the intermediate user who has already started anal play but not quite ready for something too big.
- COMFORT - A tapered shape for easy insertion
- EASY- Tapered Design for Easy Insertion
- PEACE OF MIND - Made of Body Safe Non Porous PVC. Contains No Synthetic Fragrance, Phthalate, Paraffins or Latex. It Meets Or Exceeds International Product Safety Standards. It's Your Body Be Mindful Of What You Put In It.
- Measures: 12.7 cm length x 3.8 cm width. Insertable Length: 10.1 cm