FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension
FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension
FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension
FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension

FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension


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FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension

FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension - Because Every Hero Deserves a Sidekick!

Hey there, bedroom adventurer! Ready to embark on a journey that involves more pleasure and fewer awkward moments? Introducing Fantasy X-tensions Elite – your trusty sidekick in the quest for ultimate satisfaction. Say hello to your newfound confidence, extra length, and increased girth – because being a hero in the sheets is what it's all about.

Crafted from the finest Elite Silicone™ (yes, it's fancy), this performance-enhancing sleeve fits like a glove, giving you that second-skin sensation. Midway letdowns? Not on our watch! The FX Elite 3 Inch Silicone Extension is your secret weapon, designed to keep the action going and your partner cheering louder than a superhero fan at Comic-Con.

Whether you're dealing with ED, performance anxiety, or just want an extra boost, this customizable extension has your back – or, well, your front. Trim it down for a perfect fit, and let the super-stretchy material accommodate your unique hero dimensions. With removable extenders for deeper penetration and a lifelike texture making you 66% thicker, you're about to become the legendary hero of pleasure.

Features that Make FX Elite Your Ultimate Wingman:

  • 3'' (7.6 cm) removable extender – because options are a hero's best friend.
  • Adds up to 66% girth – because saving the day should come with perks.
  • High-quality Elite Silicone™ – the material that dreams (and fantasies) are made of.
  • Lifelike textures & details – because even heroes deserve realism.
  • Trim for the perfect fit – because one-size-fits-all is so last season.
  • Stretches to fit most sizes – because heroes come in all shapes.
  • Perfect for people with ED – because even heroes need a boost sometimes.

Quick Use Guide (because even heroes need a quick start):

  • Fold sleeve inside out until the extender can be put inside the tip.
  • Add lube and place the extender inside the sleeve.
  • Place your head against the extender.
  • Pull the sleeve down until it covers your entire shaft.
  • Enjoy your new life – the superhero version!
  • PRO TIP: For a super clean, boil the sleeve and extender for 3 mins. Let it cool – burns aren't heroic.

    CAUTION: This isn't a superhero shield against pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, or other STIs. Use responsibly, hero – even Batman has limits. For adult use only, because being a hero requires maturity.