FX Elite 2 Inch Silicone Extension
FX Elite 2 Inch Silicone Extension
FX Elite 2 Inch Silicone Extension

FX Elite 2 Inch Silicone Extension

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FX Elite 2 Inch Silicone Extension

Hey there, thrill-seeker! Ready to level up your bedroom game? Meet the Fantasy X-tensions Elite – the VIP pass to a pleasure-packed universe. Crafted from the top-tier Elite Silicone™, this 2-inch masterpiece isn't just an extension; it's a celebration of pleasure, confidence, and unforgettable nights.

Why Settle for Average? Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary! The Fantasy X-tensions Elite is here to turn your intimate moments into legendary experiences. Need extra length, increased girth, and maximum confidence? We got you covered. No more midway letdowns – just satisfaction and applause from both partners!

Key Features That'll Make You a Legend:

  • 2'' (5.1 cm) removable extender: Because why stop at ordinary when you can go extraordinary?
  • Adds up to 66% girth: Your partner will thank you. Trust us.
  • High-quality Elite Silicone™: Because only the best for your most precious moments.
  • Lifelike textures & details: It's so real; you'll have to pinch yourself!
  • Trim for the perfect fit: Your journey, your rules. Customize it for ultimate comfort.
  • Stretches to fit most sizes: Because inclusivity is sexy.
  • Perfect for people with ED: Say hello to confidence, goodbye to performance anxiety!

Quick Guide to Legendary Nights - Because Who Has Time for Mediocre?

  • Fold sleeve inside out until the extender can be put inside the tip.
  • Add lube, and let the adventure begin – place the extender inside the sleeve.
  • Position your head against the extender.
  • Pull the sleeve down until it covers your entire shaft.
  • Get ready for legendary pleasure!
  • Cleanup? It's a breeze! Thoroughly clean both the sleeve and extender with antibacterial cleaner and warm water. Because after an epic night, your Fantasy X-tensions Elite deserves some TLC.

    Pro Tip: For a deep clean, let the sleeve and extender take a dip in boiling water for 3 mins. But remember, let them cool before you go hands-on. Safety first!

    Caution: We're all about fun, but safety is our priority. Skip the oil- or silicone-based lubes, and remember, this enhancer is here for pleasure, not protection. Adulting 101.