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Evolved Ring It Home

Hey pleasure seekers, meet the Evolved Ring It Home Rabbit Vibrator – where pleasure is not just a destination, but a journey of ecstasy! Get ready for an adventure like no other with this dual vibe that brings innovation to the forefront.

Imagine two tireless loops moving up and down with enthusiasm, expertly designed to tease and tickle you internally. This isn't your average vibrator; it's a revolution in pleasure. Experience a unique ring sensation solo or kick it up a notch by adding vibration to the main shaft, the stimulator, or both. It's your pleasure, your way.

Let's dive into the details – standing tall at 23.8 cm, with a depth of 7.2 cm and a width of 4.6 cm, this vibe is a powerhouse of pleasure. The insertable length of 12.7 cm and a diameter of 3.7 cm cater to diverse pleasure preferences.

Now, the power trio – not one, not two, but three motors! With 3 speeds each, two dedicated to vibration and one to the mesmerizing ring movement, your pleasure is in expert hands. Crafted from phthalate and latex-free silicone & chrome-finished ABS, this vibe guarantees a safe and delightful journey.

But wait, there's more – it's USB magnetic rechargeable, with the cable included for your convenience. No more fumbling for batteries when the mood strikes. And for those spontaneous adventures, it's splashproof, adding an element of excitement to your playtime.

Ready to embark on a pleasure-filled journey? Say hello to the Evolved Ring It Home – your key to a trifecta of ecstasy!

- Height: 23.8 cm, Depth: 7.2 cm, Width: 4.6 cm
- Insertable length 12.7 cm, Insertable diameter 3.7 cm
- 3 motors with 3 speeds each (2 vibration, 1 ring movement)
- Made from phthalate & latex-free silicone & chrome-finished ABS
- USB magnetic rechargeable, cable included
- Splashproof