ENHANCE Pleasure Creams - 4-Pack
ENHANCE Pleasure Creams - 4-Pack

ENHANCE Pleasure Creams - 4-Pack

Doc Johnson

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ENHANCE Pleasure Creams - 4-Pack

Heighten Pleasure and Extend Play with ENHANCE Pleasure Creams - 4-Pack

Unleash a wave of pleasure with the ENHANCE Pleasure Creams 4-Pack by Doc Johnson. This meticulously crafted set of travel-size 30-gram tubes offers a range of creams designed to enhance every aspect of your intimate experiences. Elevate your pleasure, extend playtime, and explore new dimensions of satisfaction with the power of four unique formulas.

Comprehensive Pleasure Set: The 4-Pack includes Plump Enhancing Cream, Sta-Erect Delay Cream with Pheromone, Power+ Delay Cream with Yohimbe, and Prolonging Delay Cream with Ginseng. Each cream is a testament to Doc Johnson's commitment to providing a comprehensive pleasure set.

Enhance and Amplify: Plump Enhancing Gel takes your confidence and pleasure to new heights by increasing blood flow to the penis, creating a visually and tactilely enhanced experience. Sta-Erect, formulated with pheromones, boosts sexual desire, while Power+ with yohimbe ensures increased circulation for prolonged play. The Prolonging delay cream, enriched with ginseng, adds an extra layer of arousal to every intimate moment.

Odourless, Non-Sticky Formulas: Immerse yourself in pleasure without distractions. All creams feature odourless and non-sticky formulas, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience focused solely on pleasure.

Delay the Onset of Orgasm: The three delay creams included in the pack are designed to delay the onset of orgasm, ensuring a longer-lasting and more satisfying experience for both partners. Explore new levels of intimacy with extended playtime.

Proudly Made in America: Experience pleasure with confidence, knowing that the ENHANCE Pleasure Creams 4-Pack is proudly made in America. Crafted with precision and care, these creams reflect Doc Johnson's dedication to providing you with the best in intimate care.