Dillio Platinum Curious Five
Dillio Platinum Curious Five
Dillio Platinum Curious Five
Dillio Platinum Curious Five

Dillio Platinum Curious Five


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Dillio Platinum Curious Five

The Dillio Platinum Curious Five - Unleash Your Platinum Pleasure!

Hey there, pleasure seekers! Get ready to meet your new favorite playmate – the Dillio Platinum Curious Five. This isn't your run-of-the-mill pleasure device; it's a platinum-infused journey to ecstasy.

Let's talk about the star of the show – platinum-cured silicone. It's not just a material; it's the secret sauce that makes this dildo stand out. Non-sticky, smooth as butter, and responsible for those "oh-my-god-this-feels-amazing" moments. Ever wondered what it's like to be spoiled by platinum? Well, wonder no more!

Now, let's address the suction cup – the unsung hero of hands-free pleasure. This isn't your average suction cup; it's a grip that could rival Spider-Man's. Stick it on any flat surface, and you've got yourself a front-row seat to pleasure town. Plus, it's the perfect companion for the Body Dock and strap-on harnesses, giving you the power to explore pleasure like never before.

But wait, there's more! Each Dillio Platinum is crafted with care, undergoing a strict quality check to ensure it meets the Pipedream standard of excellence. Because when it comes to pleasure, we don't mess around. Own your pleasure confidently with a Dillio Platinum masterpiece.

In conclusion, the Dillio Platinum Curious Five isn't just a dildo; it's a platinum invitation to pleasure paradise. Get ready to indulge, explore, and elevate your intimate moments to platinum-grade satisfaction!

- Made with the highest quality platinum-cured silicone
- Non-sticky, smooth surface
- Super-strong suction cup base
- Great for all user levels!
- Compatible with Body Dock® & other strap-on harnesses

Weights & Dimensions
Product Overall Width (cm): 3.0
Product Overall Length (cm): 14.6
Insertable Length (cm): 12.7
Suction Cup Diameter (cm): 6.5