Dillio Platinum Big Hero
Dillio Platinum Big Hero
Dillio Platinum Big Hero
Dillio Platinum Big Hero

Dillio Platinum Big Hero

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Dillio Platinum Big Hero

Unleash the Pleasure Power of the Dillio Platinum Big Hero!

Hello, pleasure enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an epic adventure with the Dillio Platinum Big Hero. This isn't just a dildo; it's a powerhouse of pleasure, ready to unleash the hero within you.

Let's talk about the main attraction – platinum-cured silicone. It's not just a material; it's the Iron Man suit of pleasure materials. Smooth, non-sticky, and with the strength to conquer pleasure realms. It's like having a pleasure superhero by your side. And hey, if it's good enough for medical devices, it's more than good enough for your pleasure pursuits.

Now, the suction cup – it's not just a cup; it's a suction wizard. Attach it to any flat surface, and voila – hands-free pleasure galore! It's like having a trusty sidekick that never lets you down. And the best part? It's BFFs with the Body Dock and other strap-on harnesses. Talk about a dynamic duo in the pursuit of pleasure greatness.

Crafted responsibly and with meticulous care, each Big Hero undergoes a quality check to ensure it meets the Pipedream standard of excellence. Because when it comes to pleasure, we don't mess around. Own your pleasure confidently with a Big Hero masterpiece.

In conclusion, the Dillio Platinum Big Hero isn't just a dildo; it's your pleasure powerhouse, ready to conquer the ordinary and elevate your intimate moments to superhero status. Get ready to unleash the hero within!

- Made with the highest quality platinum-cured silicone
- Non-sticky, smooth surface
- Super-strong suction cup base
- Great for all user levels!
- Compatible with Body Dock® & other strap-on harnesses

Weights & Dimensions
Product Overall Width (cm): 3.8
Product Overall Length (cm): 17.2
Insertable Length (cm): 15.2