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Nipple Tweezer Clamps with Heart
Nipple Tweezer Clamps with Heart

Nipple Tweezer Clamps with Heart

These tweezer style nipple clamps by NipLicious are fully adjustable, just slide the bar up to increase the pressure and sensation.

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A little squeeze, a playful pinch - is it pain or is it pleasure? Act out your wildest fantasies with these nipple jaws. Titillation' with a touch of glamour! Pinch and squeeze for as long as you please with our Tweezer and Clover-style Nipple Clamps!

 Check out the fun Silver Heart Charms, they add a touch of your personality. Lots of charms to choose from. Nipple Clamps adorn and provide pleasure to the nipples. The nipples are major erogenous zones for men and women alike. The easiest way to put on your Nipple Clamp is to make sure your nipples are standing at attention. If they’re not already erect, take a few minutes to tease and rub them until they’re nice and pointy! Place the Nipple Clamp over the nipple and gently close the clamp over your nipple. Adjust the clamp if needed to increase or decrease the pressure for the perfect pleasure. MooLuxe has a complete line of nipple lassos, clamps, pasties, and suckers

Nipple Tit Clamps with Heart

Material: Metal Color: Silver