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OVO D3 Mini Massager
OVO D3 Mini Massager
OVO D3 Mini Massager
OVO D3 Mini Massager
OVO D3 Mini Massager

OVO D3 Mini Massager

OVO D3 Mini Massager is A mini vibrator made by Ovo - features a smooth rounded head and minimalistic look that's perfect for the modern woman

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Product Description

OVO D3 Mini Vibe developed with German technology is the best sextoy in the market product of this category. The product has 7 different programs to suit whatever mood that you just happen to be in - it'll be easy to find pleasure with such variety. It comes with a 15 year warranty, which is more than any other company provides. The product is shower proof. It is white in color and has ultra strong vibrations for more pleasure. It is battery operated and is completely fit to use on the body. It is very quiet and is made from silicone material so buy ovo online now. The design of the product has been awarded and has best in class quality.




OVO D3 Mini Vibe has been designed very beautifully. It is available in a rosy red color which makes it even more attractive. The dimensions of the product are fit for use by everyone wishing to use it. The dimensions are as follows, it is 30.5 mm round and 139.6 mm long and 32.1 mm wide. The material used for making the product is very good and it makes it fit to use it on the body for ultimate pleasure. It is also fit for confidential, private and discrete use.


 From the company is available in many different colors and violet is one of them. The product is safe to use by everyone. This product designed in Germany has been awarded for its wonderful design. Silicone is used for fabrication of this product which makes the product very nice to feel and use. The product has been made in such a way as to make it safe to use in presence of water, such as, in the shower, which makes the use of the product even more pleasurable


Ovo Sex Toys offer a lifestyle choice in quality designed and engineered pleasure products for adults. Introduced in 2012 the Berlin based company products were a hit at the EroFame show.  With such a start out success the toys were taken to the Salon International de la Lingerie show in Paris.  The OVO sleek designs and beauty are a result of German designers that are so confident of their product they offer a 15 year warranty.  Packaging is elegant yet simple having won Red Do International design awards and have been endorsed by mainstream companies like Dyson and Mercedes.