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MyLovey Ellen Butt Plug Medium
MyLovey Ellen Butt Plug Medium
MyLovey Ellen Butt Plug Medium

MyLovey Ellen Butt Plug Medium

MyLovey Ellen Butt Plug Medium, Silicone Anal Sex Toy for Anal Play Enthusiasts and Beginners with a flared safety base

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A super soft silicone butt plug makes Ellen a great anal sex toy Australia.  Look at the quality and silky smooth material that will easily be inserted into your anus almost frictionless when using a quality lubricant.  Anal toys must be cleaned before and after use and why not pick up a sex toy cleaner that will ensure your butt plug will remain fresh and hygienic.

Medium sized and suitable for anal virgin or slut alike.


Available in

Black, Purple, Rose


Have you ever wondered where the big brand sex toys are made. You would probably be surprised to know that they are made in the same place as the cheaper lines. It is called OEM production and what that basically means is that the manufacturer will make thousands of a product and then the big companies will purchase them providing their own packaging. The same item that now has branded packaging will be sold for 2,3 and sometimes even 4 times the price of the manufacturers. MyLovey sex toys are exactly that except packaged in no-nonsense or thrills packaging, without the expensive artwork at a fraction of the big brand prices for exactly the same product. Be Sex Toys today and buy direct!!!