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Manbound Bondage Starter Kit
Manbound Bondage Starter Kit

Manbound Bondage Starter Kit

Manbound Bondage Starter Kit By Sportsheets is a five piece kit with 50 inch straps allow these four wrist and ankle cuffs to be attached to almost anything and do anything

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There's a first time for everything, and when you're ready to start experimenting with bondage fun you'll want to start off the right way. The Manbound Bondage Starter Kit is a perfect option for anyone looking to introduce themselves to the wild, fun world of bondage. This starter kit comes with everything you need to start your experimentation off on the right foot. It starts with the cuffs, and you'll get four cuffs to use on wrists and ankles - one for every limb.


The cuffs include Velcro straps and closures to maximise comfort and avoid chaffing or irritation, and straps and cuffs are made from high quality material that won't rip, fade, or deteriorate over time. You'll also get a big 50 inches of connector strap to bind your lover up however you desire. Whether you want to attach them to the bed, hogtie them, or try out something else, you'll have everything you need to do so. And to round out the kit, you get a comfortable, soft blindfold.


It slips over the eyes and plunges you or your partner into darkness to add a layer of anticipation and excitement to the experience. Later, you may want to add paddles, gags, and other bondage and fetish fun, but for beginners the Manbound Bondage Starter Kit is a great point of entry into the realm of fetish and bondage pleasure.


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