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Bathmate Cleaning Kit
Bathmate Cleaning Kit
Bathmate Cleaning Kit

Bathmate Cleaning Kit

Bathmate Cleaning Kit By Hydromax is designed for cleaning your Bathmate or Hydromax after each session. It helps maintain its life and keeps it stored discreetly

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Product Description

When you are using a penis pump it is always good to ensure it is cleaned before and after use.  Cleanliness and hygiene are a must for your sextoys the Hydromax Bathmate being no exception to this rule.  It will extend the life of your penis enlargement device and allow you to feel safe and secure that you will not get any infections.  Bathmate cleaning kit is specifically designed for your Hydromax products.


The Bathmate Cleaning kit comes full of surprises and is a great upsell for the Bathmate. The kit includes a specially engineered Cleaning Brush with spare sponge head, two high quality towels and water resistant case to keep your bathmate protected. The following list is included:


Cleaning Brush

Spare Sponge Head

2 x Towels

Travel Carry Case


Bathmate took the world by storm when it announced its revolutionary technique to penis pumping. Using water as part of the suction process is what makes Bathmate stand out, and they are a health and wellness company that has made gaining penis size to be as easy as going to the gym. The Hydromax Bathmate Range has quickly become one of the most popular pumping systems in the world of male sex toys, and the convenience of allowing them to be used in the shower just makes sense. Since the development of the Bathmate, they have brought out a range of male sexual health and wellness toys, and they are certainly something that you should check out