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Screeny Weeny 5.0 Uncut
Screeny Weeny 5.0 Uncut
Screeny Weeny 5.0 Uncut

Screeny Weeny 5.0 Uncut

Screeny Weeny Authentic Fake Penis with Urine for Fetish Play

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Product Description

“Hello, I am the unique, deceptively life-like and fully functional silicone fake penis – also known as the ScreenyWeeny. I am so authentic and so easy to use that no one will be able to see or feel any difference between me and your “real” member. In combination with CleanUrin and by using the Push&Piss function, it is easy to “pass water”. I am made by hand in Germany and have to go through various quality checks before being packaged with care.

The ScreenyWeeny is the “world’s best” fake penis. The unique Push&Piss function makes it ideal for selective use on an important “date” and its one-handed operation means it is always ready for use immediately. The ScreenyWeeny is available in many different varieties, so there’s one for everyone: lighter or darker, circumcised or uncircumcised.

Its inventor’s aim was to launch the world’s best and most reliable fake penis. For inspiration he used the Kalashnikov, whose solid reliability in the most adverse conditions has made it famous. He used his own member as a template so that as many people as possible would be satisfied.

The different types of ScreenyWeeny were all cast from real todgers to ensure a completely authentic look Strap it on and get peeing - no additional handles required, simple one-handed operation (ultimate one-handed fake penis) The thermo-sachet guarantees an optimum long-lasting “operating temperature” 100% secure and reliable, no dripping or leaking The flow of urine is started by putting a light pressure on the underside of the ScreenyWeeny, and stopped again immediately by releasing it The urine sachets can be re-closed The thermo-sachet can be adjusted to fit all sizes from S to XXXL thanks to the adjustable strap Our fully cast ScreenyWeeny is made from high-quality makeup silicone

For DAILY use, we recommend our anti-paranoia pack!

Included: 1x ScreenyWeeny 5.0 “white/dark-skinned”, 2x 80 ml synthetic urine with different values, 1x empty sachet (for practice or for urine from other sources), 1x thermo-sachet (for maintaining at a warm temperature and attaching), 2x heating pad, 1x temperature strips (reusable)

When the urine sachet is first used or replaced, the tube and the plug must be completely dry and locked together with a little pressure.