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See the collection of love egg sex toys designed for your pleasure.

Love Balls

Love Balls and Kegel Eggs

Be naughty but nice and ‘wear’ a love egg next time you are going out!

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Designed to be ‘worn’ inside the vagina experience the titillating sensations of a vibrating love egg

Love eggs are a kind of small vibrator designed to provide sensual stimulation. These devices are often made from silicone, metal, or plastic and include an egg-shaped vibrating device and usually have a control panel, often connected to the love egg by a wire. This wire allows control of the love egg and stops it from getting stuck inside the user. Love eggs are less powerful than many other vibrators australia but remain popular due to their small size and lower cost.

There are many different kinds of love eggs on the market. Wireless love eggs do exist, but they should never be used for anal play as they can become lost in the rectum. Some love eggs can vary the intensity and pattern of vibration, while others have multiple eggs connected to one controller to allow for double penetration. Love eggs also come in many other shapes and sometimes even come with specially textured sleeves for maximum pleasure.