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Sex toys made for glass are not only pleasurable to use but come in amazing shapes and styles

Glass Adult Toys

Glass Sex Toy

All you need to know about glass sex toys.

For a super hygienic sex toy glass is a great option. Generally made from borosilicate glass they are strong and if treated well safe and durable. Always grab some lubricant for these luxury pleasure objects and you can heat them up or cool them depending on your preference for some temperature play. These intimate objects are not pliable, bendable or giving in any way so you must want that hard and rigid feel.

The amazing variations and colors available is outstanding and many companies create each item individually so you can purchase a totally unique toy. Variations of glass adult toys include anal balls, dildos,anal sex toys, prostate massagers with popular lines like Icicles or Glas available. As they are non-porous even if you just give them a quick rinse there is little chance of getting an STI or other infection from using them. A quick tip is to pop them in the dishwasher – how many sex toys can you do that too?