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Sex Toys For Anal Play

The joys of anal sex toys await always delivering something a little extra

Anal sex toys are a kind of sex toy designed for use with anal penetration. The most common anal sex toy is likely the butt plug, a dildo designed especially for use in the anus. It has a flared base, as many anal sex toys do, to prevent the user from losing the toy in the anus. Similar to the butt plug is the anal vibrator, which often has the same shape as a butt plug with the additional ability to vibrate. There are also a variety of toys with shapes specifically designed to stimulate the male prostate gland.

In addition to dildos and vibrators there are anal beads, which are strings of metal, glass, or plastic beads inserted one after the other into the anus. Once inside the anus they can be slowly removed, giving great pleasure to the user as is outlined in this anal sex guide. All of these toys should be used with a thick lubricant designed for anal play, which will maximize pleasure and prevent pain and injury.