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Bum Bumper Anal Tool
Bum Bumper Anal Tool
Bum Bumper Anal Tool

Bum Bumper Anal Tool

Bum Bumper Anal Tool By Maxpassion Is Made of soft, flexible and translucent jelly material that will Make your climaxes and enjoy it!

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Product Description

The perfect anal tool kit from Max Passion allows you to experiment with different sizes as each ripple is inserted. Make sure you have the right tool for the job with this skin-safe silicone anal tool that is built to provide pleasure.

The bum bumper has 5 bumps that gradually increase in size to create a hills-n-valley bumpity bump experience. The smallest bump has a diameter of 0.6” (1.5cm) and a circumference of 1.88” (4.8cm). The largest bump has a diameter of 1.6” (4.1cm) and a circumference of 5.02” (12.8cm).

This is the perfect anal tool for experimenting with different sizes and will provide an incredible sensation as you slide down and then climb up it.  As it is made of silicone, the Bum Bumper is super safe, easy to clean and hypoallergenic and it is tapered at the end to make it safe when fully inserted.


Maxpassion is a brand that prides itself on bringing fun, pleasure and excitement to your intimate moments. MaxPassion products have been designed for simplicity and they make great first time adult toys, for couples and singles who are exploring different pleasures as well as experienced people who know what they like in pleasure and how to get it. With a wide variety of toys and novelties MaxPassion is going to have what you’re looking for to revolutionize your sex life