Public play and why it is a must!

Public play and why it is a must!

Now, I’m sure you would have seen those videos on your socials of the girls wearing vibrating panties or the guys wearing a vibrating butt plug and going out in public, say for lunch or even grocery shopping while their partner or friend is controlling it. It’s all laughs and funny for the partner or the friend and all torment and pleasure for the wearer.

Why wear a vibrator out in public you may ask? Well let me give you some reasons on why it can be so red hot and also spice it up in a relationship or just be plain funny with friends. Most panty vibrators or wearable vibrators are made to be quiet which lowers the risk of someone hearing that buzzing noise coming from someone’s crotch. They are also designed to be comfortable to wear of course, it wouldn’t be very pleasurable if it was uncomfortable down there. So, when thinking about getting a panty vibe or wearable vibe always make sure you look for something that would be comfortable for you to wear out and about!

With a partner

Using a remote-controlled vibrator out in public can be dicey sometimes but for the most part it’s so much fun! Especially if it’s with a partner, here are some reasons why:

  1. Taking toys into the bedroom in a relationship is always so fun and sexy. It almost ALWAYS spices it up. But could you imagine taking toys from the bedroom out in public and having just as much fun while nobody around you know. Trying to keep in the moans and the look of pleasure while your partner controls and torments you, enjoying every time they ramp up the vibrations and watch you tense up all over or near crumble. I honestly couldn’t think of anything more fun that going on a date while wearing a vibrator and letting my partner control it. And think about the pleasure still to come when you get home. All that built up desire while you’re out and can’t do anything but as soon as you walk in the door, you’re free to you desires!!


  1. This would also be fun as a couple’s game if each of you had a vibe to wear. Kind of like a “who can last the longest” kind of thing where you can control theirs but also, they are controlling yours.

3.   I think this is a great way to be intimate and naughty with your partner without physically touching or showing affection in public.

4.  Maybe grab a sex movie from the adultdvdking?


With a friend

Now some may think this is weird, others may see a whole new open door of opportunities! Doing this with friends can be really fun, especially if you’re going shopping or even out at a nightclub!

  1. In a group! Yes, I said in a group! If you and a few friends all got vibrating panties or remote-control bullets that’s all have the same controls you could all put them on or in, then put all the remotes down and mix them up (of course this would only work with more than 2 or 3 people) and each of you pick up a remote granted that it’s not your own! Throughout the night you have control of someone’s vibrator and someone has yours, now go out and see how the night goes!


  1. Watch your friends try to order a drink, pay for their clothes or even try to talk to a guy or girl while someone goes crazy with the remote! It will be a great time out!


Some great brands of remote-control vibrators are sold in our Ozone stores. I would recommend NU Sensuelle Pleasure Panties as they come with a remote that vibrates in correspondence to the bullet, We-vibes Moxie, Jive, Bloom and Chorus as these are all controlled via a smartphone app making it even more discrete to be mischievous in public and last but not least the Edge, Lush 2 and Hush by Lovense which are designed specifically for public play as they are almost completely quiet!

Public play is also great for thrill seekers, those out there who love the thrill or possibility of being caught by someone or even just being around people and having to try and hide their enjoyment! Imagine wearing a panty vibe and trying to talk to a cashier while your friend or partner is having a ball playing with the settings, or trying to order a meal at dinner! It can be super risky but also super fun. I personally think everyone should try public play at least once, I promise you it will feel great and be such a fun time! The laughing and giggles won’t stop with you or the person controlling the vibrator.


Kaylah is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

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