The Affair!

The Affair!

The taxi stopped in front of the road that led to the airport. James Gunn stepped out of the taxi and paid the driver. He was dressed in suit and he had a suitcase in his hand. He had a very important meeting in the next city and he had to be there early.

Just then, his phone rang. He picked the call. “Hello.”

“Mr. Gunn? This is Mr. Richardson. I regret to inform you that the meeting has been cancelled. The new meeting date will be sent to you soon. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

“Oh, no problem. Thanks,” James said and then the call ended.

James was glad that the meeting would not be holding anymore. He couldn’t wait to return home to his wife and fuck her brains out. Because of his work, they had had little time for sex. The cancelled meeting meant he had four solid days to have fun with his wife.

He hailed another taxi and had the driver take him to the mall where he purchased flowers and several other gifts for his wife, Julie. Then he took another taxi to his house.

Just as he got out of the taxi, the first thing he noticed was a car beside the car he had purchased for his wife the month before. His wife would have driven him to the airport but she had said she was a bit tired and had to rest.

He walked towards the door and found that it was half-closed. He walked in and was about to call his wife’s name when he heard moans upstairs. A tie lay on the couch and he was very sure that it wasn’t his.

He could already guess what was happening in his bedroom right now. He was not even shocked; he felt numb, disappointed and sad at the same time. He walked slowly up the stairs, following the moans.

The bedroom door was not even closed. His wife’s panties was on the floor right at the entrance. He looked into the bedroom and watched a man he didn’t know banging his wife from behind. Julie was bent over the bed while the man held her by the waist as he slammed into her from behind. They were both moaning loudly.

James had no idea what to do so he just stood there, his eyes unseeing, his mind gone. He caught himself and looked at the baseball bat at the foot of the bed. He could just pick it up and bang it against the guy’s head but he wouldn’t do that. If he would fight anyone, it would be Julie, not a man he didn’t even know.

“I am tired, come and ride me,” the man said.

Just as Julie and the man turned, they saw James standing at the entrance.

“Jesus! James!” Julie said. She was thoroughly shocked. The man was shocked too, and he kept looking at the window, probably wondering if he could jump out of it.

James didn’t say a word. He turned and walked downstairs. Julie ran after him, shouting with tears, “James, it’s not what you think. Please, let me explain. Please!” She was stark naked.

James picked up his briefcase. He thought about picking some clothes even though he had no idea where he was going. He decided against it because he didn’t want to go back to the bedroom.

He was almost at the door when Julie grabbed his arm and pressed her naked, soft body against him, her sweat staining his suit.

“Please, don’t leave, James. Please! I love you. I can explain.”

As Julie kept begging, James ignored her and walked out of the door. Julie followed him outside, despite being naked. The closest house was directly opposite theirs and an elderly couple lived there.

The couple stood on the balcony and watched them. James walked to the garage and got in his car. Julie kept begging. The lover ran out of the house to his car and without a ward, he drove away, burning rubber as he did.

James backed his car out of the garage and drove away. Julie stood there watching him drive way. James drove for almost two hours until he decided to go to a hotel. At the hotel, he paid for a week and after parking his car, he got into his room.

He contacted his lawyer and informed him of his plan to divorce his wife. Then he lay on the bed thinking about what he had seen. Annoyingly, he became horny. He could contact a prostitute to give him pleasure for the night but he didn’t.

He thought why not try a sex doll and then checked sodolls online for one. He got a site and checked out the numerous sex dolls. He picked one and purchased it. The doll was to arrive in five days’ time.

He called Mr. Richardson and asked for another postponement of the meeting. While he waited for his sex doll to arrive, he finalized his divorce proceedings. When the doll eventually arrived, he had a lot of fun with it and he was able to overcome the pain he always felt whenever he remembers his wife’s affair.

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