Choosing a Sex Toy

Choosing a Sex Toy

So often we are asked to help people choose a toy, whether it’s their first toy for themselves, or they’re surprising their partner, or the partner is too scared to come into the store, we all have been asked. Of course there’s the standard questions we always ask about what you or they are into, what helps them gets there… But the amount of times we hear partners say “I don’t know” or “I just want a vibrator” is absolutely insane honestly! So let’s breakdown the toy categories and what they’re most useful for, that way you have a vague idea when you pop into Oh Zone Penrith to grab your first toy or your surprise for your partner.


Clitoral Sex Toy Vibrators:

These cute little things can pack a bunch, ranging from a small little bullet like shape to bigger ones similar to mascara wands and computer mouses. These are amazing for beginners as there’s no need to insert them, they’re easy to use during sex with your partner, and for the most part they’re incredibly discrete. If you don’t want something too crazy, expensive, or intricate clitoral vibrators are the way to go!


Clitoral Sex Toy Wands:

You looking for earth shattering vibrations? Wands have you covered, these can be used all over the body to massage and stimulate anywhere you want (hello relax the back muscles). These are amazing for people who want high level vibrations, great to be used during sex but can be a little bit bulky if you get the classic style that are large and plug into the wall.


Clitoral AirTech:

So toys like the Womanizer, Satisfyer, and We-Vibe Melt, one word… Mind-blowing. Toys with this air technology replicate oral sex by using air chambers, gentler than a vibrator but getting deeper into the nerves. Incredible for a first timer since again they don’t need to be inserted or anything crazy, however you do need to be quite spot on with knowing where your clitoris is, due to this toy needing to be directly on it. Can also be used during sex with your partner.


G-Spot Sex Toys:

Next one doing exactly as the name described, they are purely for stimulating the G-Spot, if they vibrate and they’re strong enough you can also use then as a clitoral vibe, just not at the same time. While these can be an awesome was to learn about your own anatomy they’re not going to be great for partnered sex in the heterosexual sense, the lesbians can obviously have a field day with this one!


Rabbit Vibrators:

You want the best of both worlds? G-Spot and clitoral? Boy do we have a deal for you! These toys will have a vibrator that will sit on your clit while the rest of the toy will stimulate the g-spot either via vibration or through some kind of movement like rotating, waving, etc. These are awesome for people who know for sure that they like a little bit of both and will be using this for solo play. There’s a huge variety of these so if you’re buying for a partner try to find out what movements they like best before buying!


Anal Sex Toys:

Anal toys will definitely be recommended to you by our staff any time you bring up wanting to dip your toe into or try anal of any variety, toys are amazing for training your way up to full anal sex or even just as a nice extra addition to whatever kind of sex you’re already having. For the people with vaginas this toy is going to add extra pressure on the back wall of your vagina making it so much easier for your toys or your partner to hit your g-spot. For the ones with penises we really don’t have to say much, prostates people, prostates! Not only are the orgasms incredible, but it’s good for your health! Buttplugs, prostate massagers, anal beads, whatever your heart desires we can help.



Obviously there’s quite a lot of options for the vulva owners out there, but penises can have fun too. Think Fleshlights and Pocket Pussies, these are sleeves made to increase the sensation of masturbating and feel a lot closer to real sex than your hand… They’re made out of a blend of materials made to feel close to human skin. You can either go the nice standard toys that you move up and down yourself, or you can go for the higher tech ones that do just about everything you can think of including going fully hands free.


We really do understand why you guys get so flustered when you come in and realise how many options there are to choose from, but honestly as long as you can tell us what you or your partner is into we can almost always help… Even being honest enough to say you’re not sure is so much better than making us play a guessing game! We just want you guys to have great orgasms.

Lynn is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

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