Sex Toy Tips For The Every Day Person

Sex Toy Tips For The Every Day Person

Are you new to using sex toys? In that case, you could probably benefit from a few sex toy tips and expert advice. Recently, sex toys, or adult toys as many like to say, have become more in vogue than ever before. Many of us are choosing to stay single. But, that does not mean we don’t have an urge to blow off steam from time to time. As a result, sex toys are now bought by both couples and singletons all over the world.


Sex Toy Tips For Beginners and Experienced Players

First of all, never be embarrassed about sex toys. Train your brain to think of them as adult toys and you are half-way there.

So, what do you need to know about these toys that can bring you so much pleasure?

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Shopping For Sex Toys

You can still buy sex toys in adult or erotic stores. However, it has become increasingly popular to buy sex toys online. When you are thinking about buying sex toys, it is always best to buy them from a quality source. Online erotic stores offer a great variety of toys, but if you are not comfortable browsing erotic stores, you can check out popular sites such as Amazon.

Make sure that your new sex toy comes with user instructions and has a warranty. All quality sex toy manufacturers offer a warranty and clear instructions.


Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

Yes, you do need to keep your sex toys clean. One of the best way to do so is to wash them in soapy water and use antiseptic wipes. Also, don’t share your sex toys with other people. You can pick up infections such as thrush and sexually transmitted diseases from sex toys. Your sex toys are exclusively yours – remember that at all times.

Before you clean your toys, remove batteries and don’t submerge operating parts such as the motor in the water.


Buying Sex Toys In a Relationship

Yes, it is tempting to surprise your partner with a sex toy. That is often the way sex toys are introduced into a relationship. When you both feel that a sex toy is the way to go to spice up your relationship, shopping for your first sex toy together is a fun experience.

Start with the basics such as a vibrator and perhaps a masturbation sleeve. Also, don’t forget to invest in a lubricant to make sure your comfortable when using your new sex toys.


Traveling With Sex Toys

Would you like to bring your sex toys on your annual vacation? There is no reason why you should not do so. If you do decide to take your vibrating friend on vacation with you, take out the batteries and store them separately. Pack your sex toy with the rest of your toiletries, but make sure that it does not get damaged. It is best to invest in a protective cover for your sex toy if it was supplied without a cover.


Remote Control Sex Toys

Sex toys have come along way. Thanks to modern technology, you can now buy remote control sex toys that you can control from your phone.

When you are first getting into sex toys, remote control toys are not what you should invest in as a beginner. Basic is the best for beginners and sex toy learners. Once you know what kind of sex toy is right for you, it is time to check out the alternatives.

Remote control sex toys are expensive and you may end up paying out a lot of money for features that you are not going to use. Bear that in mind when you are shipping around for you toy.


Telling Others You Use Sex Toys

Should you tell others that you are into using sex toys? If you are comfortable talking about your intimate personal habits, there is no reason why not. Most of us like to keep our personal habits to ourselves. Don’t feel obliged to share your sex toys tips or habits when you are not comfortably to do so.

Sex toys are great and you should not feel ashamed about using them. More than likely, social distancing is going to remain part of our lives for a long time to come. Why should you not enjoy a little bit of “me time” when you have time to spare?

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