Alien Nation - Venomus
Alien Nation - Venomus
Alien Nation - Venomus

Alien Nation - Venomus


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Alien Nation - Venomus

Alien Nation - Venomus

Welcome to the extraterrestrial extravaganza! Enter the realm of pleasure beyond this world with the Alien Nation - Venomus fantasy dong. This otherworldly creation is not your typical pleasure device – it's a celestial journey into the unknown, where passion meets primordial power.

The AlienNation Story: Picture this: Earth, a once bustling hub of human civilization, was struck by a colossal asteroid. The aftermath led to a sixth mass extinction event, leaving behind a world transformed. Amidst the chaos, a primordial being named Primus emerged from the meteor's core, triggering a radical evolution. From the tiniest creatures to the grandest structures, an Alien Nation was born, and you're invited to join the intergalactic party!

The “Venomus" Story: Behold the legend of "the snake who fell from the head of Medusa" – a god-like creature, either a harbinger of evil or a symbol of virtue. Now, this enigmatic being comes to life in the form of Venomus, a silicone masterpiece adorned in swirling silvers and shimmering gold. The sinewy shape of this pleasure device brings the mysteries of the Alien Nation into your intimate moments.

Main Features:

  • Sensual Serpentine Shape, in Glowing Gold: Let its curves hug yours like no other dildo has before. With a narrow head for easy insertion, you'll embark on an otherworldly journey of pleasure.

  • Extra-Strong Suction Base: Venomus boasts an extra-wide, soft suction cup that won't give up until you do. Stick it to any smooth surface and enjoy hands-free excitement.

  • Harness Compatible: Dive into your creature fantasies with a partner! The suction cup is wide enough for most harnesses, ensuring your fantasies come to life.

  • 100% Body-Safe Silicone: Crafted from the finest phthalate-free, premium silicone, Venomus is as safe for your body as it is thrilling for your senses.

  • Easy to Lubricate, Easy to Clean: The texture ensures your water-based lube stays put, and cleaning is a breeze with warm water and soap. Convenience meets cosmic pleasure!

  • Measurements:

    • Overall Length: 22.9 cm (9”)
    • Insertable Length: 21.6 cm (8.5”)
    • Narrowest Insertable Diameter: 3.8 cm (1.5”)
    • Widest Insertable Diameter: 5.1 cm (2”)
    • Weight: 500 grams
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Colour: Silver, Gold, Black, and White

    Embark on a cosmic adventure with Alien Nation - Venomus. It's not just a pleasure toy; it's an invitation to explore the unknown and redefine your fantasies. Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience!