Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker
Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker
Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker

Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker

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Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker

Buckle Up for Blissful Escapades with Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker

Introducing Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker, your ticket to a pleasure-packed hoedown! This pocket-sized marvel is loaded with features that make every rendezvous an unforgettable escapade. Get ready to lasso ecstasy and ride the waves of pleasure with the Cowboy.

The star of the show is its self-lubricating prowess. Forget about fumbling with lubricants – just a splash of water or a hint of saliva, and the Cowboy is ready for a slippery, wild ride. The temporary self-lubricating properties ensure that the fun doesn't stop after just one round – it's designed for up to 12 uses, making it your go-to pleasure companion.

But the Cowboy isn't just about lubrication; it's a soft, squishy, and ultra-realistic experience. The snug textured orifice heightens pleasure, making each encounter an immersive delight. Take control with the Squeezable Canister and PerfectFlo™ Air Valve Control – customize the suction level for a personalized journey through pleasure.

Safety first, partner! The Cowboy contains no Phthalates, Paraffins, or Latex, ensuring a worry-free experience. With an insertable length of 17.1 cm and a total length of 18.4 cm, it's the perfect size to accommodate your desires.

Cleaning up is as easy as a two-step square dance. Wash with soap and water, pat dry, and let it air dry before storing. Remember to use water-based lubricants for the best results, especially as the self-lubricating properties gradually diminish.

Saddle up, partner! Grab your Loverboy The Cowboy - Flesh Stroker and embark on a journey of blissful pleasure. Get ready for a hoedown that'll leave you saying, "Yeehaw!"