Seven Creations Euphoric Rotating Rabbit

Seven Creations Euphoric Rotating Rabbit

Seven Creations

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Seven Creations Euphoric Rotating Rabbit

Dive into Blissful Ecstasy with the Seven Creations Euphoric Rotating Rabbit

Introducing the Seven Creations Euphoric Rotating Rabbit – your passport to pleasure, your partner in crime for all things euphoric. Get ready for an adventure that combines humor, innovation, and unbridled ecstasy, leaving you breathless and satisfied.

Fully Waterproof: Make a Splash in the Pleasure Pool

Say goodbye to limitations – this Rabbit is ready to make a splash! Fully waterproof, it invites you to explore the depths of pleasure in the bathtub, shower, or wherever your aquatic desires take you. Dive in, the pleasure pool is open!

3-Speed Rotating Extravaganza: Whirlwind of Pleasure

Hold on tight as you experience a whirlwind of pleasure with the Euphoric Rotating Rabbit's three-speed rotation feature. Switch between speeds and let the rotating marvel take you to heights of ecstasy you never thought possible. Brace yourself for a pleasure rollercoaster!

7 Powerful Vibrating Modes: Your Pleasure, Your Way

Your desires are unique, and so are the seven vibrating modes of the Euphoric Rotating Rabbit. Customize your pleasure experience, from a gentle hum to an intense buzz, and let the Rabbit speak your pleasure language. It's not just a toy; it's your pleasure symphony.

Silicone and ABS Harmony: Crafted for Blissful Connections

Feel the luxurious touch of silicone and the durability of ABS plastic as they come together in a harmonious blend. This Rabbit is more than a toy; it's an instrument designed to elevate your pleasure to new heights. Say hello to pure satisfaction!

USB Cord Included: Charge Up for Endless Delights

No need to worry about batteries – the Euphoric Rotating Rabbit comes with a USB cord for hassle-free charging. Keep the adventure going without interruptions, because when it comes to pleasure, convenience is key. Charge up and let the fun begin!

Charging Lead-Time: 180 Mins – Patience Rewarded with Pleasure

They say patience is a virtue, and the Euphoric Rotating Rabbit proves it right. In just 180 minutes of charging, you'll unlock endless moments of pleasure. Anticipation meets gratification – your journey to euphoria awaits!