Pepee Smoothie - 360ml
Pepee Smoothie - 360ml

Pepee Smoothie - 360ml


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Pepee Smoothie - 360ml

Experience the silky smooth sensation of Pepee Smoothie, the premium lubricant that's taking intimate pleasure to new heights. Crafted by Japan's leading lube brand, this 360ml bottle of liquid bliss promises to elevate your sensual experiences with its luxuriously smooth formula.

Pepee Smoothie stands out from the crowd with its non-stringy texture, ensuring a consistently pleasurable feel throughout your intimate adventures. Whether you're playing solo or with a partner, this generous 12 fl oz bottle provides ample lubrication for extended sessions of passion.

Why Choose Pepee Smoothie?
  • Silky smooth texture for frictionless pleasure
  • Long-lasting formula reduces need for reapplication
  • Generous 360ml (12 fl oz) size for extended use
  • Expertly crafted by Japan's top lube manufacturer
  • Gentle, body-safe ingredients for worry-free enjoyment

Pepee Smoothie's carefully selected ingredients work in harmony to create a lube that glides effortlessly, enhancing every touch and caress. The water-based formula includes glycerin for added smoothness, while carbomers ensure the perfect consistency. Rest assured, this lubricant is designed with your body's comfort in mind.

Elevate Your Intimate Experiences

Whether you're looking to spice up your couple play or enhance solo sessions, Pepee Smoothie is your ticket to heightened sensations. Its smooth, non-stringy texture allows for seamless transitions between different forms of play, never interrupting your flow of pleasure.

The generous 360ml bottle means you won't run out at crucial moments, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about rationing. Pepee Smoothie's lasting power means less frequent reapplication, keeping you in the moment for longer.

Japanese Quality You Can Trust

As the creation of Japan's most renowned lube brand, Pepee Smoothie carries with it the promise of excellence. Japanese products are world-famous for their attention to detail and quality, and this lubricant is no exception. Every drop is a testament to the brand's commitment to enhancing your intimate moments.

Ready to transform your sensual experiences? Add Pepee Smoothie 360ml to your cart now and prepare for a world of smooth, uninterrupted pleasure.