GC Vibrating Dolphin
GC Vibrating Dolphin
GC Vibrating Dolphin

GC Vibrating Dolphin


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GC Vibrating Dolphin

Make a Splash in the Bedroom with the GC. Vibrating Dolphin

Hold onto your fins, folks, because the GC. Vibrating Dolphin is here to turn your intimate moments into an underwater extravaganza. This delightful dolphin-shaped vibrator is not your average pleasure toy – it's a marine marvel designed to hit all the right notes and leave you singing the praises of aquatic ecstasy.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The GC. Vibrating Dolphin takes pleasure to new depths with its 8 rotation patterns that guarantee a symphony of sensations for your G-spot. And when you're ready to kick things up a notch, activate the dolphin's tip for a vibration sensation that'll make you flip (in the best way possible).

Let's talk options, shall we? With a whopping 36 speed modes, this dolphin is more versatile than a school of fish. Take control of the rotation direction, and let this sea creature guide you to uncharted waters of pleasure.

Now, for the technical details that'll make any pleasure connoisseur swoon. G-spot stimulation? Check. RPM hitting a thrilling 13,500? You bet. With a diameter of 32mm, this dolphin is ready to make a splash in your intimate collection.

Worried about noise disrupting your underwater rendezvous? Fear not – the GC. Vibrating Dolphin keeps things discreet with a max noise level of 75 dB. And when it comes to power, simply pop in 4 AAA batteries (not included), and you're ready for a voyage of pleasure.

Crafted from ABS and TPE, this dolphin is not just waterproof but also showerproof, ensuring your wet and wild adventures are met with aquatic delight.

So, why settle for the mundane when you can have an oceanic adventure in the bedroom? Choose the GC. Vibrating Dolphin and let the waves of pleasure roll in!

- G-spot stimulation: Yes
- RPM: 13.500
- Rotation modes: 8
- Speed modes: 36
- Diameter: 32mm
- Total Length: 220 mm
- Insertable length: 107 mm
- Noise level: Max. 75 dB
- Batteries: Not Incl. 4x AAA
- Material: ABS and TPE
- Showerproof: Yes