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Tweezer Clamps With Chain

Titillation with a touch of glamour! Nipple clamps can be applied to the nipples of either men or women.

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Product Description

Nipple Clamps Tweezer Ends with Chrome Chain. Tweezer Clamps get their name from the very distinctive ends. This section is turned to either open or close the arms of the clamps. Because they are very adjustable, tweezer clamps are great for beginners. Nipple clamps are made from steel and are either powder coated black or chrome plated. The tips of the clamps are covered with removable rubber sleeves to prevent injury to the nipples. The chrome plated steel chain connecting the clamps is 12 inches in length. 

Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Function: Nipple Sex Toys Color: Silver Chain Length: 36 cm/14.2"  Net Weight: 0.024 kg/0.05 lb/0.85 oz Further: Soft TPR Head