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Nipple Press Clamps With Chain
Nipple Press Clamps With Chain
Nipple Press Clamps With Chain

Nipple Press Clamps With Chain

The Bondage Locker Lobster Claw Nipple Press Clamps with Chain

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Product Description

These unique clamps are a favorite in the BDSM world. Originally used for sheet metal, these lever controlled pressure clamps will put a pleasured pinch on your partner.

The center chain will look beautiful gracing their chest, to which you can attach more weights, or simply tug on to lead them. Just place the rubber tips to either side of the nipple, and press down on the lever to clamp shut.

The metal will make sure things stay in place. The rubber tips make sure that the clamps are effective, without being too uncomfortable. Get that center chain involved, by attaching extra weights or tugging it with your hand.

Product Features:

Forceps style clamps Adjustable pressure Easily slides onto the nipples and applies the pressure you desire Uses a side lever to close and lock into place Utilize the center chain with more weights or a simple tug with the hand Size: 19.5 inches in total length, clamps measure 3.5 inches long and open to 0.5 inches wide Material: Steel, rubber Color: Grey