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Tantus Spoon Rumble Head
Tantus Spoon Rumble Head
Tantus Spoon Rumble Head

Tantus Spoon Rumble Head

Tantus Spoon Rumble Head is a exciting attachment that will turn your tantus rumble into a powerful g-spot or prostate stimulator

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Product Description

The Spoon Head is a 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone removable attachment for the Rumble*, designed to bring vibration to the G-Spot and P-Spot. Make your wand work for you. Once attached to your Rumble, choose a vibration pattern to turn the

Spoon Head into the perfect massage extension.

Easy to Clean

Head Width: 2.4"
Head Height: 1.5"
Insertable Width:  0.9"
Insertable Length: 2.7"



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