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We Vibe Tease + Please Intro Set

We-Vibe Match and Womanizer Starlet Value Kit

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Product Description

Limited Edition: Tease & Please Collection Box

We-Vibe® and Womanizer™: the perfect symbiosis. Both brands represent innovative technologies paired with elegant design.

The Tease + Please Collection Box ensures twice the satisfaction between the sheets: this limited edition comprises We-Vibe® Match™, the number-one partner vibrator, and Womanizer Starlet, the petite all-rounder.

We-Vibe® Match™ is worn during sex: the clitoris, G spot and penis are simultaneously stimulated. The Match™ is easy to operate using a small remote control.

Womanizer Starlet is a handy clitoral vibrator: it stimulates your clitoris almost soundlessly thanks to the Pleasure Air™ Technology. Whether you’re going solo or having fun with a partner, the Starlet ensures fantastic climaxes every time.

Womanizer Starlet

Pleasure Air™ Technology

Our patented Pleasure Air™ Technology serves a touchless delight: Pleasant suction and gentle massaging lead to a completely new kind of orgasmic experience. Relax and enjoy the waves of pleasure.

4 Intensity Levels

Whether you like in super soft or super power mode – or somewhere in between –your next orgasm awaits you at the push of a button.

We-Vibe® Match™


Intensify shared pleasure during sex with deep powerful vibrations that stimulate her G-spot and clitoris.


The remote can change vibration modes, as well as the intensity in the moment. Either partner can use the remote and it works up to a distance of 3 meters.

Touchless stimulation

Our revolutionary technology gives you orgasms within seconds. Or minutes, or hours. Choice is yours.

Multiple orgasms

The touchless stimulation never actually touches your clitoris. Your body will never get used to the feeling, and you can come as often as you want.


Almost all our toys ar waterproof. Take your womanizer with you in the bathtup and enjoy yourself under water.



We-Vibe is a company specialising in pleasure for couples, but also understand ideas of foreplay and solo play. Using toys that can provide pleasure to each partner, these toys will complement your sex life and be a welcome addition to any Toy Box.