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ScreenUrin Set for Female

Screeny Weeny ScreenUrin Female Novelties Fake Urine for Fetish Play

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Product Description

“Hello, I’m the practical urine tube system for carrying directly on the body. With the thermo-sachet, I can be carried comfortably on the body without attracting attention. My tube, which is around 1.5 m long, can be passed under your clothing with ease and attached using skin patches. This means I can be used quickly and easily – in all walks of life and in any situation.”

The Screen-Urin set is a urine tube system with outlet valve that can be carried directly on the body inconspicuously with the help of a thermo-sachet. This makes the ScreenUrin set perfect for women and anyone else unable to use the ScreenyWeeny. The simple and easy solution for an important “date”. The tube system can be attached individually to the body (in front or behind) and is easy to operate.

Inconspicuous use guaranteed with 1.5 m tube Tube can be shortened without any issues Thermo-sachet ensures that the “operating temperature” is always optimal 100% secure and reliable, no dripping or leaking The urine sachet can be reclosed Skin patches are sensitive and therefore skin-friendly


Guide to warming up the urine sachets:

In the summer leave in the sun for a short while; in the winter warm on a radiator or in a bath of water. The heating pads are also perfectly suited to warming up the urine sachets. The thermo-sachet keeps the desired temperature of the urine sachet constant for at least 6 hours.

For DAILY use, we recommend our anti-paranoia pack!

Included: 1x 80 ml synthetic urine in an infusion sachet, 1x empty infusion sachet (for practice or for urine from other sources), 1x approx. 1.5 m tube, 3x skin patches, 1x thermo-sachet (for maintaining at a warm temperature and attaching), 2x heat pads

* CleanUrin is not suitable for consumption and may not be used to falsify drug tests/checks/examinations etc.