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Pornhub KIIROO Interactive Blowbot Turbo Stroker Black

Pornhub KIIROO Advanced Interactive Turbo Vibrating Stroker

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Product Description

The Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker is a masturbation device that features advanced technology designed with the idea of syncing realistic sexual pleasure with virtual experiences -- it delivers a solo sexual experience like you have never had before!

With ten contracting and undulating rings that simulate the sensations of real sex, the Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker can reach up to 140 strokes per minute while still maintaining a nominal motor sound, getting you to your maximum pleasure threshold.


Connect your Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker with Pornhub compatible videos.  As you watch the video, your Stroker will mimic the motions seen onscreen. The textured interior with realistic ridges will intensify your sensations, bringing you a more life-like experience. Playing together? Use the Feel Connect app to sync your stroker with another interactive toy. Come together as you feel the toy mimic your partner’s movement Turn onto manual mode and use the touch sensor to increase the speed of the stroker. Enjoy the textured interior with realistic ridges for intensified sensations. USB Rechargeable


Specifications   Fleshlight™ SuperSkin™ Sleeve
Charging Time: 4 – 6 hours
Use Time: 1 hour Size: 8.9 x 7.9 x 26.3cm Hole diameter: 4.5 x 4cm Internal length: 16.5cm Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer 1000 mAh   Pornhub is a mega porn site that currently hosts more videos than any other in the world.  More than 100 million people visit the site yearly and the company has now decided that it is time to dominate the sex toy market.  With the launch of pornhub adult toys it can be guaranteed that it is going to be a roaring success.  Favorites such at the tweeking butt and great male strokers and masturbators will make it a space to look out for.