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Dorcel Secret Clit
Dorcel Secret Clit
Dorcel Secret Clit

Dorcel Secret Clit

Marc Dorcel Voice Activated G-Spot, Clitoris, and Perineum Stimulator

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Product Description

Secret Clit: Remote-controlled and heated triple stimulation stimulator

Dorcel offers you this little technological gem of a whole new kind!

The Secret Clit is a G spot stimulator, which will also stimulate your clitoris and perineum. The insertable part is adjustable to have the most suitable shape for your current needs, while the widest external part will fit perfectly on your clitoris.

This stimulator has a Voice Control function that will allow you to make it react to the sound of your voice or the rhythm of your favorite music.

The great surprise of the Secret Clit is its heating function. If you activate this mode you can raise it to a temperature of 45° for an even more intense orgasm.

And because Dorcel doesn't do things halfway, this sextoy's fibnition is luxurious. The materials used and the gold finish on the remote control give it a top-of-the-range look!

The most important thing, of course, is not so much its appearance as its effectiveness. Two ultra powerful motors will help you roar with pleasure and enjoy powerful orgasms.

Who is Dorcel's Secret Clit for?

All women who love new pleasures and sensations are invited to try this stimulator.

From the beginner who wants to try a first sextoy, to the woman who is already a fan of female mastubation with a stimulator, everyone will benefit. And most importantly, they will count their orgasms.

The remote control with voice control is a novelty in the world of sextoys. Everyone will be free to try it, outdoors, to realize fantasies, or in a nightclub on the dancefloor to enjoy the rhythm of the music. All the possibilities are open to you with the Secret Clit, only your imagination is your limit.

How is the Secret Clit Stimulator used? 

Very simply! All you have to do is insert the longest part into your vagina to place it as close as possible to your G spot. Then, according to your desires, you place the outer part either on your clitoris or on your perineum.
Then hold the remote control in your hand and activate the stimulator. Juggle through the 10 vibration modes to find the one that suits you, or ramp up from the softest vibration to the wildest!

To turn the sextoy on (or off), you must press the on/off button for at least 3 seconds.

And for even more sensations, don't hesitate to use the heating function, for a hot orgasm.

Before the first use, you must charge your sextoy for at least 2 hours, for optimal performance.

We also recommend using a water-based lubricant to facilitate its insertion.

The Secret Clit stimulator features 

To ensure maximum safety of this stimulator, it is made of 100% ultra-soft hypoallergenic silicone. The Clit secret is flexible and phthalate-free.

The remote control is made of ABS.

To allow you to enjoy the different intensities of orgasm, the stimulator is rechargeable via USB.


In 2014 Marc DORCEL will celebrate his 35 years of experience in lust and pleasures for you Ladies, and you Sirs. Discover this collection of sextoys for men and women that is bound to please. Marc Dorcel sex toys have been the benchmark of pleasure for over 30 years offering high-quality designs with a wide range of exciting functions and shapes. Very popular products made of superior quality material - often elastomer - specializing in toys for women in red/black colour that are anti-allergenic. Dedicated to the well-being of all your pleasures and aims to enable everyone to satisfy their kinky adult toy needs free of discomfort.