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Rianne S Duo Couples Vibrator

Rianne S Duo Couples Vibrator is A vibrator for her, a masturbator for him and a sex toy for couples - all in a single product! Made of silicone, with 3 motors

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Rianne S Duo Couples Vibrator

Come together with this latest innovation in the field of couple vibrators, the Duo. The Duo is designed for creative couples play. With strong vibrations, its elegant design and luxurious materials, the Duo will be the must-have for every toy lover and lovers alike. -



Vibrator for her Masturbator for him Use together: The circle part around his penis the long vibrator part in her. 3 strong motors Rechargeable battery Medical grade silicon 2 x 7 speeds


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Weight: 350g Battery type: Li-ion Charging Voltage: 100 - 240V Sound level: < 49dB Vibration modes: 7 User time: > 2 hours Waterproof: 100% waterproof Materials: Medical grade silicon Size: 188mm(L) *82.5mm(W) * 78mm(H)

 RIANNE S sex toys primary focus is on women. It takes two to tango, but ifshe’s sexually happy it’s a beautiful start. It is Rianne S belief that women deserve some extra attention when it comes to sexual matters. It has been widely reported that 10% to 15% of all women have never experienced an orgasm in their lives. She is not saying that a vibrator is the optimal solution for that, because the underlying causes can be psychological or medical. However a vibrator and pleasure products in general can help with exploring what you like sexually and accepting your body in a loving way