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Lelo Noa
Lelo Noa
Lelo Noa
Lelo Noa
Lelo Noa

Lelo Noa

Lelo Noa is a luxury Couple's Vibrator, which is the perfect sex toy if you need to spice up your sex life, can be used while you make love, taking your beautiful sexual ride

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Product Description

Do straight men use vibrating toys? The answer is, “If not, they should be.” Well at least this one they should. The NOA is a vibrator that she wears while you are having sex with her. Slip the NOA into place, let her adjust it until it is right over her G-spot and turn it on. While she is thrashing around on the bed in response, have at her.


The NOA will not interfere with your ability to have sex with her. And not only that, it will also impart the vibrations it is giving her straight to you too! LELO has a gem here! This toy is also waterproof in addition to being an intense ride to ecstasy. So if you are ready for a little hot tub sex, pool sex or just some humble fooling around in the bath tub, the NOA is right for the both of you.




LELO’s latest addition to the world of adult toys is the small yet power packed NOA vibrator. It’s the first woman’s vibrator that can be used by a couple during sex. Simply slide the extended piece into place leaving the handy button on the outside. While he is fucking, he gets the same vibration stimulus that is keeping her panting hard. The world’s first shared vibrator toy! LELO Company just seems to think of the impossible and then they make it happen.


In addition to the NOA being incredibly versatile with two people, it’s also good for the person all by their lonesome. The waterproof exterior can add a little stimulation during your bath time or during your shower. With six different vibration modes ranging from low to hyper, the NOA is definitely a toy you need to check out now. The NOA comes in three colors: cerise, black and deep rose.


Finally! It’s what the world has been waiting for and just didn’t know it. The NOA is the LELO vibrator that the woman can wear while she is making love. One vibrator, two partners getting stimulated at the same time. The NOA’s unique U/V shape clips firmly into place with the extended tail planted right on top of her G-spot. With the touch of the button the man’s cock gets stimulated as well. With six different vibration modes there is guaranteed to be one that you both enjoy.


The small size means it is easy to pack away discretely. The NOA is easy to keep clean and to take with you on those overnight trips. What could possibly make the NOA any better? How about the fact that it is completely waterproof to make your bath time even more special than it is now.


Material: Body-safe silicone/ABS, Finish: Matte/glossy, Size: 84x42x28mm, Weight: 31g

Battery: Li-lon 70mAh 3.7v, User time: 2hrs, Frequency: 100Hz, Max noise level: 50dB

Interface: 1 Button, Modes: 6


Lelo Pleasure Objects became a reality back in 2003 when three innovative designers got together in Stockholm and came up with the idea that would change the landscape of the sex toy industry. What if they were to design adult toys that were beautiful ‘pleasure objects’, that were refined, the most luxurious of anything created before. This uncompromising aim to deliver high end intimate objects backed with a 12 month guarantee and 5 year warranty saw sales soar with over 18 million Lelo products sold thus far. Lelo is the brand that most shoppers look for and other manufacturers aspire to replicate. It is like no other brand in the adult industry before and has set the benchmark for all others.