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Hunkyjunk CLUTCH Cock/Ball Sling

Hunkyjunk Cock And Ball Sling That Grips Your Shaft Like A C-ring

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Product Description

We invented the first c-sling 8 years ago, every year we make new versions with different fit and more features.  Hünkyjunk’s cock-sling toy is designed to fit the Hüj style--CLUTCH is pure hünkyjunk. 


It has thicker walls for more support, more meataround the base of the shaft, more rubber surrounding the ballsack--the super soft material grips all the way around:  more “push it up and out”—most importantly it all makes for a bigger bulge!


CLUTCH is more cushioneverywhere—it surroundsin rubbery thick support—its heavy so you know its there use for quick play or long wear, it fits so well you will want to show off.


CLUTCH just feels really good, put it on and be extra Hüj!



Made of our softest plus+silicone™ TPR/silicone blend, our rubbery best. There’s a dip designed into the shaft ring for less grip on the most sensitive shaft area. Why wear a c-sling?  It’s a c-ring, a shaft ring and a ball ring morphed together in a ergo fit way, nothing digs or pinches, and they don’t fall off.


Our plus+silicone™ TPR/silicone blend:  silicone for a smooth and warm feel, TPR for amazing stretch and strength.  Phthalate free.




Width: 2”

Height: 2.75”

Depth: 2.25”

Main hole circumference: 4.25”

Shaft hole Circumference: 3.75”

Ball hole circumference: 3.5”