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Key by Jopen Stella III Pink
Key by Jopen Stella III Pink
Key by Jopen Stella III Pink

Key by Jopen Stella III Pink

Key by Jopen Stella III Pink is made from a quality silicone, and it provides an almost effortless workout with perfectly performed kegel exercises

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Delightfully made and joyfully designed, this wonderfully made, carefully nitty gritty triple arrangement of velvety silicone-wrapped kegel balls from Jopen's ultra sumptuous Key range is an excitingly independent, remarkably graduated set of ben wa balls.


Ben wa Balls, also nown as love balls or geishga balls are responsible for the tightening, toning, and strengthening of the vaginal muscles. Improving blood flow, bladder control, dryness, sensitivity and other vaginal issues. Especially useful after childbirth.

Tucked safely into a smooth silicone support, three consummately weighted circles motivate  compressions of the vaginal muscles. Over the long run, Stella III serves to fortify and tone the pelvic floor muscles increasing sexual joy, control and climax upgrade, while pinpointing the developments expected to practice kegels without the balls set up. This 95 g (3.4oz) set is intended more for experienced clients and ladies who love as novices may find the weight excessive, however the III is a phenomenal to work up to. In spite of the bigger size and more propelled weight, Stella III is flawlessly comfortable and a complete joy to utilize. Every smooth, luxurious ball slides out of the cozy support for simple cleaning- when supplanting, make sure to position the plastic Key logo upward.

Beside the useful uses of this fabulous framework, wearing the Stella set is a glorious approach to increase expanded sexual mindfulness, moving around amid wear makes a charming, inconspicuous feeling of delight, as the free-structure weights inside delicately vibrate and wiggle, regularly invigorating the vaginal region. Since the Stella III is so unbelievably cautious, you'll have the capacity to wear it unbeknownst to anybody, giving you a chance to get your workout (or straightforward joy) covertly and agreeably.

Both the balls and support are totally body safe, phthalate free and amazingly hygienic, also hypoallergenic and ideal for clients with delicate skin. Silicone likewise warms rapidly and commonly to match body temperature with touch and play, making it exceptionally exact as far as feel. Utilize a decent water based oil, if necessary, keep away from silicone ones and contact with other silicone toys. A luxurious dark silky bag comes with the Jopen Stella III.


Jopen is a producer of high quality sex toys. They provide exceptional products for both men, women and couples and are market leaders when it comes to making toys that crate excitement and the enhancement of sexual experiences. They have an expert team of designers and they create a wide range of ergonomic pleasure toys for the ultimate in intimate experiences