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Dorcel P-Stroker
Dorcel P-Stroker
Dorcel P-Stroker

Dorcel P-Stroker

Marc Dorcel Mens Prostate Stimulator with Vibration and Rolling Ball

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Product Description

P-Stroker: The Remote Prostate Stimulator

If in women the G-spot is (almost) public knowledge, the P-spot remains unknown. It is a very precise point in the human anus that, once stimulated, causes waves of intense pleasure.

Dorcel presents the P-Stroker, a prostate stimulator designed for all men who enjoy anal pleasure. This stimulator will be placed in your anus, as close as possible to Point P to deliver you exquisite sensations.

With two motors and a remote control, you have everything you need to satisfy your desires for prostate and perineal massage. The P-Stroker is aimed at experts in prostate stimulation as well as those who are curious and want to get started.

The technological prowess allows this stimulator to move back and forth directly to your P point. All you have to do is insert it into your anus with lubricant and start it up. The comings and goings will automatically be done directly on the point P for your greatest pleasure.

Who is the P-Stroker for?

All men can try the P Stroker! It has been specially designed to meet all men's needs for anal stimulation.

All beginners, wishing to discover new sensations, this stimulator is ideal, in the sense that it is quite adequate in size, and ideal to discover the joys of anal penetration without being afraid.

In addition, it allows you to discover all these new sexual adventures in total autonomy, since you can control everything from the remote control. This is the sextoy you need if you are new to exploring anal pleasures.

Attention, men who are already adept at prostatic stimulation or sodomy may also use this stimulator. It adapts to all shapes, and comes to stimulate your point P in depth but not only!

The base that remains outside your anus, comes to be fixed on your perineum and the motor that is located there, will deliver vibrations directly on it.

You therefore benefit from a simultaneous double stimulation of the P-point and the perineum!

How to use the P-Stroker?

Before the first use, you must charge your sextoy for at least 2 hours, for optimal performance.

We also recommend using a water-based lubricant for an even more exciting experience.

Push the tip into your anus. Place it as close as possible to your point P. Once properly installed, simply press the remote control to start the comings and goings!

You can play with the remote control to find the perfect combination among the 16 perineal vibration modes and the come-and-go modes on your P point to enjoy again and again!

The 2 motors are independent and the remote control allows you total freedom to control this Dorcel sextoy.

P-Stroker features

The P-stroker is made of hypoallergenic, phthalate-free silicone for maximum safety. You should only focus on your pleasure, without worrying about additional risks.

Sixteen vibration modes, it's up to you to find the winning combination between the vibrations on the perineum and the speed of the comings and goings on point P.

Rechargeable by USB (charging time 1H30, operating time 1H15).

Totally waterproof, the game can be played in the shower and in the bath for new experiences of pleasure.

Additional information:

16 vibrations for perineal stimulation 3 "back and forth" speeds for prostate stimulation 2 silent motors Noise level: maximum 50 dBA Rechargeable USB with supplied cable Storage pocket provided


In 2014 Marc DORCEL will celebrate his 35 years of experience in lust and pleasures for you Ladies, and you Sirs. Discover this collection of sextoys for men and women that is bound to please. Marc Dorcel sex toys have been the benchmark of pleasure for over 30 years offering high-quality designs with a wide range of exciting functions and shapes. Very popular products made of superior quality material - often elastomer - specializing in toys for women in red/black colour that are anti-allergenic. Dedicated to the well-being of all your pleasures and aims to enable everyone to satisfy their kinky adult toy needs free of discomfort.