Bubblegum Play Kit
Bubblegum Play Kit
Bubblegum Play Kit
Bubblegum Play Kit

Bubblegum Play Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets

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Bubblegum Play Kit

Introducing the Bubblegum Play Kit – a tantalizing set designed for playful intimacy. Each item is infused with the delightful scent of bubblegum and includes essential tools to enhance your moments together.

What’s inside?

Warming massage oil.
Ignite the passion with our warming oil, perfect for adding a spark to your sensual experiences. Gently blow on the skin to intensify the warming effect!

Full body massage gel.
Enjoy an effortlessly smooth glide with our long-lasting, water-based gel. Ideal for full body massages, it also doubles as an intimate gel, making every touch unforgettable.

Oral pleasure lip gloss.
Add a finishing touch with our lip gloss that has a tempting bubblegum scent. The peppermint oil provides a thrilling tingling sensation.

For those who desire passion and intensity, the Bubblegum Play Kit is the perfect gift. This comprehensive collection offers everything needed for nights of limitless pleasure. It’s a gift that invites you to elevate your intimacy!

Key features:

Enticing Bubblegum Aroma. Skin-Nourishing Formulas. Carefully Selected Ingredients. We use natural, high-quality components, ensuring our products are free from harmful chemicals, for a safe and luxurious experience you can trust.

Contents: Warming massage oil (100ml), Full body massage gel (30ml), Oral pleasure lip gloss (13ml).